Diamond and Silk Expose And Shame The Black Racists in Congress Trying To Silence Them

Kirsters Baish| Liberals are extremely unhappy with the powerful movement that is taking place in the black American culture today. There is a new movement within this generation of African Americans, and they are beginning to reject the liberal narratives that have plagued our country. We’ve seen people like Candace Owens stand up for Conservative African Americans, and surprisingly in the past week, iconic rapper Kanye West has come forward to represent free thinkers and show his support for President Trump.

Conservative Tribune writes:

It looks like you can include conservative bloggers Diamond and Silk in the same group. On Friday, the fiery duo appeared on “Fox & Friends” and had a powerful message for liberal politicians, scolding black Democrats for treating them and other conservative African Americans poorly.

Rochelle Richardson, who is also known as the “Silk” of “Diamond & Silk,” stated, “We’re very thankful to the white Republicans that allowed us a seat at the table, to speak our truth about what’s going on — unlike the black men.”

Richardson was likely speaking about Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries after he attacked the conservative duo in the middle of their recent congressional testimony about possible bias on the popular social media outlet, Facebook.

Representative Jeffries continued to imply that the two women had been paid by the Trump campaign or that if this wasn’t the case, they had to be doing something shady in order to be earning money from their media platform. Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee pushed similar allegations.

“We’ve been on the Democrat plantation. We know what it’s like over there,” Richardson told the Fox hosts.

The conservative internet star went on, “They are the ones who condition black people to make us think that white Republicans don’t want us to work, don’t want us to have any money in our pocket. But it was the black men concerned about how much money Diamond and Silk were making, and were appalled about us making money legally.”

Lynnette Hardaway, who is better known by “Diamond,” went on, “And there ain’t nothing wrong with African Americans obtaining the American dream. That’s exactly why we voted for Trump.”

“It’s time for black Americans to come up and staying ‘stuck like Chuck’ listening to these black representatives,” Richardson continued. “We want to talk about white racism? It’s black-on-black racism. Black people need to check themselves first.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

It isn’t hard to find evidence that backs up Diamond and Silk’s frustrations. Take Democrat Joe Biden’s appalling claim that Republicans wanted to put black people “back in chains,” for instance.

Or look at how many African Americans are called “Uncle Toms” the moment they voice support for President Donald Trump or conservative ideas. The two ladies are right: A shocking amount of racial vitriol and divisiveness is coming fom black liberals, not white conservatives.

The truth is that Barack Obama’s presidency was not good for black citizens, certainly as far as jobs and the economy are concerned. As  Owens recently pointed out, the future is actually looking up for black Americans under Trump.

Earlier in the week she explained, “Progress is not a skin tone. Progress is a number.” Everyone is beginning to realize the same thing. Diamond and Silk are breaking the boundaries that the left has created for blacks in America, and liberals are losing it.