At The Same Time Facebook Is Censoring Conservatives, Researchers Claim They Are Also Creating Global Jihadist Networks

Anyone who is conservative and on Facebook knows ‘the struggle is real.’  Day in and day out we have to deal with shadow bans and actual bans.  Conservatives face all types of discrimination on social media these days.  Unfortunately, researchers suggests radical terror cells are having a much different experience as Breitbart reports:

Scandal-plagued social media giant Facebook is under fire over accusations it helps create jihadist terror networks around the world.

Researchers at the non-profit organisation Counter Extremism Project analysed the social media data of 1000 known Islamic State terrorist supporters in 96 countries, the London Daily Telegraph reports.

The research found users who sympathised with the terror group were able to use Facebook as an introduction service and find one another through the popular “suggested friends” feature.

In one example, an Indonesian Islamic State supporter sent a friend request to another user in New York in March 2017. The American user explained that he was not religious, but had an interest in Islam.

“Over the following weeks and months the Indonesian user began sending increasingly radical messages and links including pro-IS propaganda, all of which were liked by his target,” the paper said. The American user became an Islamic State supporter within six months.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Facebook is designed to draw together people via their common interests.

The site automatically collects a vast amount of personal information about its users, which is then used to target advertisements and also direct people towards others on the network they might wish to connect with. However without any supervision or intervention, terror networks like Islamic State are able to exploit Facebook to expand their global network of sympathisers.

Gregory Waters, one of the authors of the report, told the Telegraph he was bombarded by suggestions for pro-Islamic State friends, after making contact with one active extremist on the site. READ MORE